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Koog and Tina: The true story of two Alaskan swans

Koog and Tina: The true story of two Alaskan swans - James G King I read this book a long time ago. Now my son's girlfriend and her son are moving out to Sunny Point where Mary Lou and Jim King still live and where this story took place. I wanted to get the book for the boy so he would know about the place they are moving too. Unfortunately, I found that it is out of print, so I had to check it out from the library. Of course, I read it again before passing it on.
Koog and Tina is a children's book, but wonderful for adults, too. It tells the true story of a permanently injured swan who was cared for by Jim and Mary Lou King and their children. This book's focus on one bird and his mate beautifully exemplifies the character of swans. Facts about North American swan history and numbers are presented as background, but painlessly on just a few pages with good graphics. The book includes the antics of other birds, including geese, at the King's home and in the surrounding wetlands. The real meat of the book, however, is the story of Koog's life and how it intertwined with that of his mate, Tina, a swan of another species and with the King's and their children as they grew up. It is a well-written story, very touching, and told from a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and humor.