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Attending Alaska's Birds: A Wildlife Pilot's Story

Attending Alaska's Birds: A Wildlife Pilot's Story - James Gore King This book shows what a person can do with a life, and it is amazing. I wish that I had had some concept of the possibilities shown in this book when I was young and making decisions about work. Even though I had met Jim King and heard of him for many years, I had no idea whatsoever of what he did during his career. I had heard something about working for the Forest Service or some agency and counting birds. That was as far as I thought about him. Having read the book, I am stunned at the breadth of his life (not that it's over yet). I didn't realize that anyone really could fly over all of Alaska enough to become familiar with even the geography, let alone, as Jim King, did, the ecology, the fauna, and the people.
The book, too, is easy to read because it is written in an accessible style, so that reading it is like listening to a immensely kind and funny grandparent. Jim King has an amazing ability to say kind things about anyone and everyone, but also to keep a keen and sly sense of humor. He seems to have liked everybody he came in contact with during his long career.